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LOUNGE offers a variable arrangement of seats for training, presentations and family and corporate events. The capacity for free table arrangement is fifty seats. We offer the construction of boards to companies from ten to forty people. The dominant interior elements are stone tiles, the fireplace and beamed ceiling. We usually do not charge lounge rentals if you order food and drinks for guests. We provide bulk discounts to large companies.

Wedding receptions

We emphasize that your big day defining your entry into a new life is exceptional and that only beautiful memories are associated with it forever. We are fully aware that a well-organized wedding reception with tasty dishes and well-coordinated staff is the basis of success. Therefore, we cooperate with Ariana and Art Flowers wedding salon experts to decorate the room, the whiteboard and the adjacent areas. We have prepared a sample menu with a budget per person tuned Silesian, Moravian, Czech wedding or European-oriented menu menu based mainly on the gastronomy of Italy and France. We do not charge rent for the use of our premises until midnight. As a thank you for your trust and visit to our company, we are giving a small present to the newlyweds.

Czech wedding

Aperitif Bohemia Sekt brut or Becherovka of one’s own choice
Cold appetizer Ham roll with horseradish whipped cream, home-made banket pastry
Soup Czech wedding with three kinds of meat and home-made noodles
Main course Sirloin in cream sauce with Carlsbad dumplings, cranberry whippet cream
Cold Dessert Curd strudel with apricots
Coffee Espresso

Price of sample menu CZK 680. Spring water is available throughout the meal and other drinks are ordered after the appetizer.


Moravian wedding

Aperitif Dry sparkling wine Lechovice or Plum Žufánek of one’s own choice
Cold appetizer Home-made pate with cranberries, brioche
Soup Beef soup with liver dumplings, noodles and vegetables
Main course Confit of goose breast with two kinds of cabbage, potato dumplings
Warm Desser Pancakes with fruit, vanilla sauce and whipped cream cheese
Coffee Espresso

Price of sample menu CZK 790. Spring water is available throughout the meal and other drinks are ordered after the appetizer.


Silesian wedding

Aperitif Dry sparkling wine Proqin or Herbal liqueur from Opavian Silesia Region
Soup Chicken soup with saffron and home-made noodles
Warm starter Fried duck breast on cabbage
Main course Silesian sky – Roast pork with plum sauce, potato dumplings
Warm Dessert Pancake with fresh fruit and ice cream
Coffee Espresso

Price of sample menu 799 CZK. Spring water is available throughout the meal and other drinks are ordered after the appetizer.


European menu I.

Aperitif Prosecco or Dry Martini
Cold starter Patties from puff pastry filled with goose liver foam with port
Soup Bouillon with veal ravioli, julienne vegetables
Main course Welington Sirloin with English vegetables, chateau potatoes
Cheese desser Poached pear with whipped gorgonzola and grape coulis
Warm dessert Chocolate soufflé with lemon sorbet and raspberries
Coffee Espresso con panna

Price of sample menu CZK 999. Spring water is available throughout the meal and other drinks are ordered after the appetizer.

School reunion

The number of classmates is always uncertain and the punctuality of guests in this case also cannot be relied on. We are counting on it. That is why we offer dishes that we can quickly prepare and we always choose from four dishes for the same price. We think it is appropriate to have a drink at the meeting before the start of the meal, so we have prepared a simple package called “Classmates”, whose price CZK 450 includes:

Toast Dry sparkling wine
Selection of main courses Venison goulash with Viennese onion and Carlsbad dumplings
Chicken roll with germento
Caesar salad
Fried pork schnitzel with mashed potatoes
Dessert Ice cream with fruit
Coffee Espresso



The presence of the university in our city neglects other gastronomic facilities. Our opinion is different, and we offer our lounge without charging rent to a family celebration. Day that man opens entry into professional life must be celebrated with dignity. Best in the circle of those who supported the graduate. In addition to the sample menu, we bring you one more thing. If you graduated with honours, the aperitif is a dry sparkling wine at the expense of our company. We are pleased that our business taxes were directed to smart and skilful people.

Menu I.

Aperitif Prosecco
Soup Beef broth with meat and Juliáne vegetables
Main course Wellington Sirloin with Cumberland sauce
Warm desser Poached pear with ice cream salty caramel
Coffee Espresso

Price of sample menu CZK 595. Spring water is available throughout the meal and other drinks are ordered after the appetizer. 

Menu II.

Aperitif Aperol spritz
Soup Pumpkin cappuccino
Main course Chicken rolls with fermented bacon, mashed potatoes with onion
Dessert Chocolate brownies
Coffee Espresso

Price of sample menu CZK 595. Spring water is available throughout the meal and other drinks are ordered after the appetizer. 


We can take dign farewell to our loved ones sensitively and with simple decoration of the lounge. In the sample menu we offer a selection of traditional and uncomplicated dishes, toast, coffee and dessert.

Aperitif Cinzano or spirits (vodka, Fernet, Becher)
Soup Broth with liver dumplings and noodles
Main cours Beef goulash with Carlsbad dumplings
Roast pork, stewed cabbage, potato dumplings
Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with onion
Dessert Apple strudel with whipped cream
Coffee Espresso

Price of sample menu CZK 393.Spring water is available throughout the meal and other drinks are ordered after the appetizer. 

Birthday party


A menu table with a wide range of hot and cold dishes and desserts will be prepared according to your wishes and the theme of your choice. We can base our offer on regional cuisine and introduce you traditional dishes and food of Opavian Silesia Region or the Czech Republic. We are also familiar with the theme of renowned foreign gastronomy such as Italy, France, Spain, Austria or Russia. We like to work with seasonal offering, so besides the usual menu we will be happy to diversify the buffet table in the autumn, for example, venison, in summer fruit and spring asparagus and first salads. We can cater for you in the form of catering in your chosen premises for up to 300 people. Prices are proportional to the variety of the offer. The calculation assumes that the guest would like to taste at least five different dishes. The basic price per person is CZK 400. For clarity, we offer banquet for forty persons:

Warm menu table

Boiled pork leg with bone 7 kg, 3 x cold sauces, 3 x pickled vegetables, 3 types of bread 30 servings
Beef goulash with Carlsbad dumplings 15 servings
Turkey mixture on mushrooms, steamed rice 15 servings
Veal Stroganoff, roast potatoe 15 servings
Fried pork noodles, potato salad 30 servings


Cold menu table

Variation of lettuce, vegetable salad two kinds 30 servings
Cheese platter – ten types of cheese, cheese rolls, canapes – olives, grapes and pickled peppers 30 servings
English roast beef with Waldorf salad 15 servings
Trout rolls on red lentil salad 15 servings


Mini desserts

Fruit slices two kinds 10 + 10 20 pcs
Cups+ Wreaths 20 pcs
Chocolate and coconut roulade 20 pcs
Panna cotta – two types 20 pcs


Training - Presentation

The lounge provides ample room for training up to 50 people. Water, soft drinks in jugs, drip coffee, two types of pastries and a tea cassette are always available at the self-service menu tables. Lunch menu is always a choice within our daily or weekly menu, or we prepare a single meal. In case of taking for twenty or more persons we provide a lounge without rent. There is also parking for a lot of company cars. On the terrace we will reserve smoking places.

Sample calculation 2 x coffee break, lunch menu with free drinks for the contract price CZK 333. When ordering more than twenty servings, we provide a 10% discount.

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